Request for Proposal for Space Needs Study, Facility Condition Assessment & Master Plan Services

Dear Prospective Provider: You are invited to submit a proposal for consideration as the South Holland Public Library evaluates firms to conduct a space needs study, facility condition assessment and master plan services. Interested firms must complete the proposal as outlined in the RFP. Proposals are due to the Library on February 14, 2020 by 5:00 PM CST. Incomplete or late proposals will not be considered. The RFP document can be found below. We look forward to your response.

South Holland Public Library - Request For Proposal


1. Did this RFP to go librarians and architects?
Yes, this RFP went to library consulting firms and to architectural firms.

2. Did this RFP go to other types of firms, for example engineering firms?
No, this RFP did not go to any other types of firms, including engineering firms.

3. You can solicit from consulting librarians and architects individually, make your top choice of each, and invite them to figure out how to address the library’s needs together. Or you can solicit from teams that include both a consulting librarian and an architect. Do you have a preference between these two options?
As listed on the bottom of page 4 of the RFP, additional consultants are acceptable, whether an architectural or engineering firm or whoever you decide is necessary to complete the job. You build the team that would meet the needs of this RFP.
POSTED 2020-01-30

4. When does the Library Board meet?
The Board of Library Trustees of the South Holland Public Library meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
POSTED 2020-02-03

5. What is the lot size and other statistics of the building?
We will be getting plans of the building scanned in and available no later than Monday, 02-10-2020. These plans may have the lot size and other building information available.

6. Do you have the drawings for the mechanical, plumbing and other systems?
We will be getting plans of the building scanned in and available no later than Monday, 02-10-2020. These plans will have the mechanical, plumbing and other systems available.

7. What is your timeline for this project?
The timeline is spelled out on page 5 of the RFP. The timeline for the completion of services will begin on or about March 24, 2020, when contract negotiations begin with the chosen firm.

8. Explain the note at the end of the RFP. Who wrote that?
This note was included by the Library’s lawyer. By law, this type of project is required to go to official bid, with newspaper ads, public opening, etc., when the cost is expected to be $40,000+. We expect this project to come in under $40,000.

9. Do you have LED lighting everywhere in the building?
We have it everywhere except in the staff bathroom, storage rooms and the South Holland Historical area.

10. Tell us about the building attached to the north end of the Library.
The small building sharing the north wall of the library, without internal access on the main level and a door in the fire exit in the large meeting room on the lower level, is what we call the Code building. It was added by the Village about five (5) years after the Library was built. We do not maintain that building and it is currently empty. This building will not be included in any of the services requested in this RFP.

11. Have you figured out how you will finance any work done as a result of these services?
That is a step or two away. The next step is the design phase and approximately at the same time we will explore our options for financing a major remodel and/or addition.
POSTED 2020-02-05

12. Will the Library NOT be obligated to select the team with the lowest fee regardless of credentials?
The South Holland Public Library intends to award the project to the firm who best satisfies the needs of the Library. The Library reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, accept a proposal based on considerations other than cost, and to make the final determination as to the best firm for the project.

13. Are there other libraries close to South Holland, say within 5 to 6 miles? If so, the names?
The following libraries are located within 5 miles of the South Holland Public Library: Harvey Public Library District, Thornton Public Library, Riverside Public Library, Dolton Public Library, Calumet City Public Library, Lansing Public Library, Chicago Public Library - Atgeld Branch, Glenwood-Lynwood Public Library District, Homewood Public Library District, Phoenix Public Library, Anderson Oglesby Public Library (Markham)

14. Is the park lot a shared lot or exclusively for the Library? What is the parking capacity?
The Library is located on the Village of South Holland complex. The west parking lot is shared and maintained by the Village. Library patrons, Library staff and Village staff all park in the west lot. A small lot is on the east side of the building which is only used by Library patrons. Combined, there are a total of 75 spaces, of which 4 are handicapped accessible.

15. The overall lot—Library, parking and what else? Any buildings?
These questions are best answered with the photos below:
SHPL Google Map
SHPL Google Earth

16. Approximately how much lower level space does the Historical Society occupy?
It is not known how much space the Historical Society occupies.

17. Will you make available the list of attendees at the non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting and site tour?
The list of attendees is in the image below:
Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendees

POSTED 2020-02-07

18. I am clarifying on how you want the proposal submitted. The RFP states “Proposals may be submitted in person, by mail, or by email as a PDF (files may not be password-protected or copy-protected)”. Does that mean we can just send an electronic copy to you and you do not need any hard copies?
Yes, that is correct. You can just send me an electronic copy as specified above without sending any hard copies.
POSTED 2020-02-10


Anticipated Project Timeline

ID Item Due Date
1 Issue RFP January 28, 2020
2 Non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting and site tour February 4 at 11:00 AM CST
3 Last day for questions February 7 at 5:00 PM CST
4 Response to questions and addenda due Monday, February 10 11
5 Proposals due Feburary 14 at 5:00 PM CST
6 Proposals evaluated February 17 - 21
7 Firms selected for possible interviews February 24, 2020
8 Interviews as determined by the Board TBD
9 Board selects firm March 23, 2020
10 Contract negotiations begin March 24, 2020
POSTED 2020-01-29