The Imagination Lab is the name for our newly renovated playspace in the Lower Level Youth area.  This space will feature an ever-growing collection of hands-on interactive play options for youth and their families. 

Currently, our Lab features a Farmstand, Grocery Store, Kitchen, and Nursery set. 

We'd love for you and your little one to visit with us!

Why is Pretend Play Important?

In young children, pretend and imaginative play encourages social skill development, enhances language skills, and builds on thinking skills.

When children are allowed to experiment with play, they are also learning to cooperate with other children and take turns. Children develop the ability to safely learn how to resolve conflict and disagreement as well through creative problem-solving.

Play gives kids the opportunity to act out the stories they read and make connections between the printed word and spoken language.

Finally, pretend play allows us all to practice stepping into someone else's shoes, which teaches the valuable skills of empathy and compassion.

We hope you enjoy our Imagination Lab and look forward to seeing you and your Little Learner grow with us!